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Delivery in 10m-24h

Delivery in 10m-24h

Delivery in 10m-24h

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Fcacebook Chips 10 Million $ 5.00
Fcacebook Chips 30 Million $ 10.00
Fcacebook Chips 50 Million $ 12.00
Fcacebook Chips 100 Million $ 20.00
Fcacebook Chips 200 Million $ 34.00
Fcacebook Chips 300 Million $ 49.00
Fcacebook Chips 500 Million $ 79.00
Fcacebook Chips 1000 Million $ 149.00
Fcacebook Chips 2000 Million $ 295.00
Fcacebook Chips 5000 Million $ 730.00
Fcacebook Chips 10000 Million $ 1,450.00

Fcacebook Chips Easy Steps for Ordering:
1. Click on the package you want to buy.
2. Complete our Quick & Secure order form.
3. Contact us on 7/24 Live Support Email or MSN to collect your Fcacebook Chips



How to sell your Fcacebook Chips to us?
It's quite easy, you can sell them online and earn real money and in a fast way:
1.Talk with customer service on "Live chat".
2.We'll add your Facebook account ( Email ),so we can see where you are in game.
3.Find an empty room,We will play together in the game and lose Fcacebook Chips to us on purpose.So we gain chips.

Selling hasn't been that easy before, you will be working with the best ones online and you won't regret it.
You can recieve money for your Fcacebook Chips from the following options.
3.Or other payment ways
After we have recieve chips from you, money will be sent to you immediately.

Talk to our customer service on live chat.
Our customer service will guide you through the progress,such us how to trade,how to send you money etc All progress will be smooth and short as you talk to our costomer service~!!

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